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· Location of most adaptable estates for your specific needs and preferences
· We offer the widest range of exclusive access to land and developments in Lajares, Villaverde, El Roque, La Oliva, Tindaya and Corralejo
· The most affordable prices in Northern Fuerteventura’s real estate market
· Exclusive locations closest to ·Protected Natural Areas
· Panoramic views
· Developable land from 1,000 – 20,000 m2
· All of our plots of land are in perfect legal and urbanistic situation.
· More than 15 years’ experience with local Public and Municipal Administration services



We provide the following exclusive services to our clients:

· Part or full-time management of both buying and selling property, dependent on client preference
· Legal advice from highly experienced specialised law offices
· Expense control , Tax settlements, Notarial and Registry expenses
· Communication and processing with local Notary
· Supply, electrical and water network connection management
· Topographic surveys and measurements
· Geotechnical studies
· Financial advice in collaboration with Cajamar or other local monetary entities of the client’s choosing


and Execution

We provide not only management but consistent monitoring and follow ups on all projects.

Project processes will be primarily managed and directed by architects, engineers, relevant administrative entities, and their respective teams. During the process you will be continuously updated on all information, through verbal, photographic and written documentation so you are always up to date on all areas of the project; from the management of soil to the first steps of construction development all the way through to the day you pick up your keys.

Ever adaptable to our client’s needs, we offer full time access to continuous communication with us, and all teams involved in the project. We provide physical samples of a myriad of materials and finishes that suit differing tastes and necessities, with the potential of reducing costs to aid in the decision process. We understand that the importance of aesthetic extends beyond the interior, therefore collaborating with many different gardening and landscaping companies with exceptional professionalism and experience working with Fuerteventura’s unique terrain.

Our aim is to be 100% at your service during the entire project, supporting and providing solutions to any and all decisions made in relation to your new property.



Architectural design, selection, construction and finishes:
· We build the type of dwelling that best fits your wants and needs - you decide
· Our projects stand out not only for their functionality and design, but for the way they are elegantly integrated into their surroundings
· We work with local, national and international architects with an array of experience in specific designs, so you can choose the architectural style that best suits your preferences
· We help you collaborate with the best suppliers in all sectors including flooring, bathrooms, kitchen, materials, furniture and more; all with a wide range of pricing and designs so you remain in control of all minor details of the project
· We exclusively collaborate with the highest standards that Fuerteventura has to offer, our partners boasting the best offerings in their individual sectors, from traditional construction necessities to contemporary Modular construction systems.

Rely on the experts for all your
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Born in 2008, experienced in the field since 1997.
We are confident in finding your next dream home.

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